This site – and the hiking route – was put together by me, Michael Cullen. It’s not a business, and I have no commercial interest in it; I just love the place and want to spread the word. This is me. The chap shown in the other pages on this site is my much more handsome brother, Matthew, who valiantly accompanied me on my recce trips.

I’m a keen hiker, linguist, singer, swimmer, photographer and writer – all of which comes in handy when setting up a website about a trekking route in a foreign country (except perhaps the singing bit). When not exploring the Greek mountains, I live in Bristol with my wife and son, and help run the brilliant boutique hotel website i-escape.

The cliffside path from Parori to Anavriti

Show me a path and I’ll walk it. I’ve trekked through dozens of European countries (favourite spots include Skye, Sardinia, Cevennes, Salzkammergut and Mallorca’s Tramuntana), as well as Africa (High Atlas, Mt. Kenya, Drakensbergs) and Asia (eastern Turkey, northern Thailand).

Besides Greek, which I learned as a child growing up in Athens, I speak French and German (which I studied at Cambridge Uni), Italian and Spanish (which I picked up when leading hiking tours there), and a smattering of Portuguese and Russian (because they sound lovely). You can guess which side of the Brexit divide I’m on.

Apart from Cicerone’s Trekking in Greece, I have also written a Sunflower guide to the Peloponnese, not to mention over 300 hotel reviews and 30 destination guides on i-escape. I love words, though I have a tendency to use too many.

I also love photos, and definitely take far too many of those. Back in the day when such things existed, I published my own postcards and coffee table books. Nowadays it’s mostly cheesy photobooks for relatives at Christmas. Blanket apology to my family.

As for the swimming and singing, it’s generally in pools and Bach choirs nowadays, but what I really love is open seas and a capella jazz. I also dabble in piano, but you can’t lug that with you across the Peloponnese (not unless you’re Tony Hawks). Hey, there’s an idea for my next book…

All content on this site is copyrighted to me, Michael Cullen. Enjoy it, but don’t crib it.